Erbil Model UN Club

Erbil Model UN@ American Corner

National Model United Nations Association offers a unique opportunity for high school and college students to participate in the first Model UN Club in Erbil, co-hosted at American Corner Erbil- the University of Kurdistan- Hewler. The club meets weekly over 3 months to research and debate a world issue as young diplomats and ambassadors of countries in Model UN.
Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations which is performed by students from all over the world. Delegates debate issues that are currently being discussed by real diplomats. This debate takes place at conferences which include delegates from different groups or clubs. Each delegate is given a country to represent and will debate on their behalf. This long-standing educational tradition of authentic simulation of UN bodies, such as the General Assembly, Security Council, and other multilateral organs. Through Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states and participate in a unique, interactive educational process that engages more than 500,000 participants around the world each year.
Future leaders of Kurdistan and Iraq will need to problem solve, communicate complex policies, empathize, and build coalitions among people of different backgrounds. Model UN empowers youth, building their capacity to communicate in English and collaborate with a politically active youth of different party affiliation, ethnicities and genders.
Model UN, as opposed to common Iraqi academic competitions, de-emphasizes memorization and focuses on critical thought, improvised solutions, and collaboration. MUN involves real-world, political and humanitarian issues that the UN addresses every day.

Program Goals:

Short term results:
  1. Engage the youth with the Model UN format of critical inquiry, deliberation, and the representation of diverse perspectives on global issues;
  2. Broaden the perspectives of the students with regards to their education and nation;
  3. Foster an appreciation for and participation in both international relations and academic organizations among the students;
  4. Increase students’ knowledge of the role of diplomacy and international institutions like the United Nations.
Long – term results:
  1. Contribute to the growing relationship of young Iraqi and Kurdish with other countries in a meaningful way, through people-to-people diplomacy;
  2. Engender interest amongst the students in the Middle East as a region of significance in international affairs;
  3. Deepen the understanding and appreciation of American culture and society in Kurdistan;
  4. Provide tangible and accessible tools for the educators and students to replicate this program in the future;
  5. Provide a forum for active, globally-minded students to connect and expand this program to their local communities;
  6. Forge relationships between students from different communities, schools, ethnic groups and political affiliations.        

Who is eligible to apply?

  •  Be at least 16 years of age but not more than 26 years old;
  • Must live or have a current residency in Erbil valid at least for 6 months. Applicants from outside of Erbil are eligible to apply but MUST show commitment to attend the weekly meetings in Erbil.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Completeness of application in English;
  • A demonstrated knowledge and interest in political research and persuasive writing;
  • Written and Oral English proficiency;
  • Excellent public speaking skills accompanied with debating skills;
  • A commitment to attend all required hours session to meet the goals of the program;

Recognition and awards:

All the participants will be awarded the certificate of completion by the end of program. The best achieving participant will have a privilege to take the position of “General-Secretary” for the next generation of the program, S/he will be invited to the U.S Consulate General Erbil for a special recognition.

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