How US-Iraq Higher-Education Partnership Make Education Better

Are you ever demotivated by the educational system in Iraq? Is it not interesting enough? Does it fail to produce aware citizens? Anyone who has been exposed to the system is likely to answer yes to those questions.

This is why initiatives like the US-Iraq Higher-Education Partnership Program funded by IREX and US Embassy Baghdad are important. As part of the program, the University of Central Florida (UCF) designed Global Citizenship & Leadership modules for Iraqi Universities. Soran University faculty received capacity building training to reflect these modules in their teaching. The topic of one of the trainings focused on the UN. By building better understanding of the UN, the faculty are now much more equipped to teach from a global lens. Students’ awareness of the world is an important criteria to producing healthy, active, and prosperous citizens.


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What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

Model United Nations is a simulation of the UN which is performed by students from all over the world. Delegates debate issues that are currently being discussed by real diplomats. Each delegate is given a country to represent and will debate on their behalf.