About Us

NMUNA is an independent organization committed to advocating for the values and work of the UN. By establishing a network of like minded individuals across Kurdistan and Iraq, NMUNA seeks to promote intercultural understanding among people of different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. Our Model UN programming promotes the work of the UN in the region and serves as a platform for global engagement. Our education, training, and advocacy emphasizes the importance of cooperation amongst nations and the need for open discussion in the Middle East and around the World.


Our Mission

NMUNA seeks to engage and link the citizens of Iraq with the UN through independent initiatives. By doing so, NMUNA aims to convey a sense of belonging to youth in today’s global society, bringing forth their sense of responsibility towards the issues that affect our planet, and train them to encourage their concrete commitment as leaders, diplomats and thinkers of tomorrow.


Our History

NMUNA was founded in Washington DC in 2016 by the US Department of State  alumni A.J. Braverman and Mohammed Shwani.

Our Goals

2021 Goals

  • Organize Iraq’s first Model United Nations Conference
  • Create a comprehensive Model UN curriculum for Iraq

5 Year Goals

  • Organize annual Model UN Conferences in Iraq, including at least 1 international conference
  • Partner with Iraqi institutions to establish 3 NMUNA Chapters
  • Initiate two affinity groups to provide network and shared commitment to common issues: Iraqi-Kurdistan Partnership Group, Youth& Women Empowerment Group

10 Year Goals

  • Transform NMUNA into the United Nations Association of Iraq (UNA-Iraq)
  • Initiate chapters and Model UN initiatives across Iraq, making Model UN an integral part of student extra-curricular.

Mohammed Obeid Shwani

Co-Founder & Executive Director

A.J Braverman


Miroslav Shapovalov

Director of MUN Curriculum

Tara Shwani

Secretary General

Lano Hassan​

Outreach & Liaison Officer​

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