The Secretariat

Ahmed Hatem

Ahmed Hatem Yaseen holds a B.Sc in Energy Engineering from the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. He won international awards like the most outstanding diplomacy and delegation in the Arab Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) in UAE-Dubai 2019 and the EXPO Award for his leadership skills. He is an advisory member of Arab African Council for Integration and Development (AACID) which is registered with the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations and accredited by ISEA, the special advisor at UN DESA to support and develop projects in Arab and African countries. In addition, Ahmed Hatem is working with the team of Queen Sheba III the president of the African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) for massive projects in Africa. 

He believes in the importance of students and youth to improve, research, discuss, public speak, and formulate resolutions to the world’s most pressing issues with other delegates from different ethnicities, colors, backgrounds, and different areas of the world by attending Model United Nation Conferences.

Dunya Soran

Dunya Soran is a senior student at the computer science department at the university of Sulaymaniyah-Iraq, with +5 years of working experience in many national and international companies and organizations such as (GIZ corporation, Startups Without Borders, Qaiwan groups, and etc), beside volunteering and participating in many activities with (AEIC, UNDP, FURSA, Five One Labs, Hackasuly, and etc), Dunya have gained great skill set.

Dunya’s background in leadership, technology and entrepreneurship has helped her to have a great vision for young people to empower them to be innovative.

Dunya believes in the power of youth and the energy they have to make great changes in their community, with her positive energy to work in groups and interact with people she says: “ To have conversations with people helps me understand the world better and the the things we can do to make it a greater place for everyone”.

Diyan Gawdan

Diyan Gawdan holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in HVAC is a performance-driven young professional from Duhok, Iraq. After participating in a number of international internships and activities – in Turkey and Canada – involving her capacity building and broadening of skills, she returned home craving change and seeking solutions for the many ongoing crises in the region.
Diyan has also won competitions as a young innovator, published a book as a co-author, and assisted in initiating a non-profit research foundation. She continues to work on building her career as a young engineer and contributes to numerous youth activities to help lead a better future.

Aween Jalal

Aween Aso Jalal is a current student of International Studies at the American University of Iraq in Sulaymaniyah with minors of management and economics. Her previous experiences include translation, sales, research, as well as teaching English language. She is currently interning with IRIS and RSK.  

Julian Bechocha

Julian is an aspiring journalist and engineer currently studying Information Systems Engineering at Erbil Polytechnic University in his third year. He is an alumnus of the 2018 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) and has an excellent background in leadership, debate, and conflict resolution. Julian wants to utilize his knowledge in both technology and research to aid the success of the conference as much as possible.

Hevi Salam

My name is Hevi Salam I live in Sulaymaniyah. I am currently pursuing my third year Bachelor of Engineering in information system, Erbil. 2019 IREX Alumna and 2020 GSSC Alumni small grant recipient.

my activities outside of class include volunteer work and  ACE’s Advertiser ( American corner Erbil ), as well part time teacher ,I have been selected to participate in (TCAB) teachers collaborating across borders that run by the Duke-UNC consortium for middle East studies, which is about virtual exchange and ways of developing intercultural competencies , community building is about power of serving other and mutual understanding between youth from different cultural.

With GSSC alumni  we are currently working on a website for (how to reduce food waste, and what to do with leftovers) in our region As we all know wasting food it’s both an economic and environmental problem that wastes precious resources.

My future goals are to combine knowledge in tech, together with my passion for volunteer work and helping people in times of need.

Raboon Redar

Raboon Redar is an undergraduate Petroleum Engineering student who lives in Erbil and has got very high leadership, communication and problem solving skills. He has been the manager, director and head of different organisations, groups and teams in his earlier career.

Rayan Swar

Rayan is senior undergraduate student of Political science and international relations department , at Soran university. Has excellent background in leadership and debating,  Currently in membership association with different international hubs and forums as well as being fellow at   NDI leadership program (Hassa shabab) in Iraq.

Rayan is passionate about human rights, gender equality ,peacebuilding and Kurdish rights especially in relation to identity , culture  and policy . She believes that people anywhere in the world should have the right to make decisions about their lives and supports  civil society so that it may be the cornerstone of improved maintenance of public affairs in emerging societies and countries.. Rayan strives for a society that is open, informed, engaged and responsible with an active participation of youth  in shaping a society where cultural, ethnic, racial and other differences are a source of enrichment rather than conflict.