Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is a critical issue for UNAs worldwide.


UNAs actively participate in raising awareness on climate change through meetings, consultations, and advocacy activities in view of the establishment of the post-2015 agenda, the SDGs. Some now work on the establishment of the SDG indicators. Additionally, 47% of the UNAs organize educational activities, information days, lectures, and issue publications on sustainable development and  20% engage in advocacy and lobbying through awareness-raising campaigns on climate change and promotion of sustainable agricultural practices (UNA-Benin). Also some work in groups on Sustainable Development (UNA-Gabon) and debate on Food Security in South Sudan (UNA-Zimbabwe).

Other projects include: “Sport in a Box”, launched by UNA-Canada, a program linking sports with MDGs and human development; monthly clean up actions in urban areas (UNA-Ghana); an MDG2SDG program (UNA-South Africa); promotion of MDG-implementation and transition to the SDGs (UNA-Tanzania); educational programs on the MDGs (UNA-Uganda); “Millennium Campaign” (UNA-Serbia).

Iraqi citizens have suffered years of instability as well as financial difficulties. Part of our sustainable development includes ending poverty while simultaneously improving health, education and reducing inequality. In line with this, we aim to spur economic growth while addressing the climate crisis by working to preserve our rivers and ecosystems. As a whole, we advocate fiercely for advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in Iraq.